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We know there are many great options when it comes to aesthetic dermatology and the fact that we have patients choosing us deserves to be celebrated. Loyalty matters at S+A and we want you to feel truly appreciated, so we have created a total of FIVE memberships so you can split your costs over monthly payments versus paying all at once AND enjoy significant savings-- a true win/win!

The S+A Skin Friend Memberships

The Skincare Junkie S+A Friend - $25/month
The Toxed S+A Friend - $75/month
The Hydrafacial S+A Friend - $150/month
The Gimme-ALL-The-Injectables S+A Friend - $150/month
The S+A Bestie - $300/month

We are proud to offer several different options of memberships to ensure we have something for everyone!

Which friend are you?
Find out below!

+ S+A Skincare Junkie


With this membership, $25 will be placed in your patient wallet each month to be used toward any and all S+A skincare brands with extra special perks and discounts toward your favorite skincare staples (message for specific details) to reward you for staying loyal!

+ The Toxed S+A Friend


For $75/month, you'll get 20 units of tox placed in your patient wallet to be used every 90 days (already a savings), PLUS all additional tox at $10/unit (normally $12/unit), AND three free Forma treatments per year. 

With this package, instead of cash in your wallet, you will receive the 20 units of tox. These can be used every 90 days or can be rolled over (i.e. 40 units every 6 months). We love our loyal patients and this is a great way to ease the burden of all-at-once tox costs, give a $2/unit discount, AND add in some extra perks!

+ The Hydrafacial Friend


With this membership, you will automatically receive 8 Hydrafacial Platinum treatments in your patient wallet to use throughout the year PLUS extra perks on additional acne, rosacea, and skin health treatments (message for specific details). 

If you're a patient getting routine Hydrafacials and light therapy every 6 weeks, this package will save you $600 per year alone without even counting the other perks!

+ Gimme-ALL-The-Injectables


For $150/month, you'll receive your choice of one syringe of filler or one vial of Sculptra (a $700-800 value) each year and 20 units of tox in your patient wallet every 90 days. On top of that, you'll also get the following perks:
       +  All additional tox at $10/unit
                    (normally $12/unit)
       +  All additional filler/Sculptra for $75 off
       +  $50 off all PRP, PRF, and ezGEL PRF
       +  Savings on your favorite skincare brands

If you get tox regularly AND at least one syringe of filler or Sculptra per year, you'll get huge savings with this package!

+ S+A Bestie


For our patients who are super serious about their skin AND who make Skin + Aesthetics possible with their support, this package is for you!

For $300/month, you'll receive 30 units of tox in your patient wallet every 90 days (a $1440 value), 2 syringes of filler or vials of Sculptra per year ($1400-1600 value), a full microneedling with PRP package per year ($1350 value), plus:
     +  All additional tox at $10/unit
                (normally $12/unit)
     +  All additional filler/Sculptra for $100 off
     + Savings on your favorite skincare brands
     +  More (message for specific details)

Without even counting the extra discounts, you'll already save $800 alone with this package!

On top of all of the above described discounts, our S+A friends also will enjoy additional benefits such as birthday perks, exclusive events, and member-only discounts!

+ Gimme-ALL-The-

frequently asked questions

There's no hidden agenda here! We simply are so grateful for our patients and believe in building relationships, so we want to reward those that remain loyal to our clinic because we are fully aware there are numerous other great options in the area. The breakdown of the details is below-
  • One year membership with option to renew or terminate at the end of your term.
  • If you choose to terminate early, you simply have to pay back the discounts you've received plus a $150 fee.
  • Option to upgrade at any time (i.e. if you decide you wish to move from skincare only to tox; no problem!).
  • Auto-draft on the card you want, when you want.

It pays to be a Skin + Aesthetics Skin Friend... literally!

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