Our Story

Skin + Aesthetics was created out of a desire to bring the highest quality and excellence in aesthetic dermatology to the Upper Cumberland. What started as a dream in 2019 became reality in 2023 when S+A opened in Cookeville’s own Premier Medical Park.

Blakelee Paige Smith, creator of Skin + Aesthetics, found herself growing more and more frustrated with the lack of regulations and the overwhelming gimmicks related to aesthetic dermatology as her career progressed. While she was devoting countless hours to her craft to ensure she was giving her patients her all, she was continuing to see unsafe practices galore-- providers lying about their credentials or holding no credentials but still injecting patients, illegal product from overseas being injected into patients unknowingly, an overall lack of education, and that was just the tip of the iceberg! While she briefly dreamt of opening her own clinic during a time of exasperation in 2019, it wasn't until she was approaching ten years of practice in 2022 that she finally decided to take the leap. In April of 2023, Skin + Aesthetics was born.

From the planning phase to the current day, Blakelee knew she wanted to set herself apart from the standard in the aesthetic dermatology industry. She wanted every patient that walked through her clinic's door to feel that they were given 100% and a personalized experience. No lies, no deceit; just scientifically-backed and proven results. She wanted to rest easy at night knowing that patients were truly cared for and that every aspect of her clinic was not only ran legally, but to a level of excellence. To be a part of the change you wish to see, Blakelee knew that you must practice what you preach and opening Skin + Aesthetics finally gave her the control to truly do that in every aspect. From being able to educate her patients without time constraints to practicing from a truly medical approach, Blakelee chose to build a clinic throwing sales and numbers aside and instead putting all emphasis on the patient. From day one, Blakelee built her practice on three major focuses and those remain the same today: safety, efficacy, and retention. Her goal was to create a difference and it is our hope that all patients are able to see that in each and every visit.

Our S+A Core Values

A: Accountability. We take responsibility and are constantly evaluating ourselves to ensure we are providing the best care possible to our patients.
E: Expertise. We are knowledgeable in our field and never stop learning. We value and prioritize continuing education to stay up-to-date on the best evidence-based practice.
S: Sincerity. We exemplify kindness and seriousness in all that we do. We do not deceive our patients.
T: Transparency. We are upfront in all ways. There are no surprises or withheld information.
H: Honesty. We are truthful in all aspects and believe that this is key to building a trusting relationship with our patients.
E: Ethics. We choose to do what is right, no matter the circumstances.
T: Teamwork. We choose to have a partnership with our patients to work as a team to achieve their goals, not simply be their providers. We take into consideration all aspects of every person to create their most optimal treatment plan.
I: Integrity. We are consistent and uncompromising.
C: Competence. We combine both proven skills and proven knowledge.
S: Sustainability. We choose proven treatments to maintain and support continuously over time.

Determined to be different, Skin + Aesthetics was built on the pillars of AESTHETICS.

Our Devotion

After ten years in the field, we know just how important skin is and how it impacts our well-being. We take our jobs very seriously and are committed to achieving the goal of making you love your skin.

Our Location

We are located in Premier Medical Park and are in the South building with Tennessee Orthopedic Alliance. To get to our clinic, enter into the double doors and take the elevator to the second floor. We are the last door before the stairwell to your left!

315 North Washington Avenue,
Suite 265,
Cookeville, Tennessee 38501, United States





              931.260.0327 (clinic line)
              931.901.1303  (fax)

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