S+A Saturday Acne Clinic


Are you suffering from acne but unable to afford treatment due to not having insurance or having a high deductible? We're here to help!

Each month, Skin + Aesthetics devotes one Saturday to offer free acne consultations to those that are unable to pay for their office visit, are uninsured, or have a high deductible for dermatology services as a way to give back to our community. We know all too well that how our skin looks truly does impact every aspect of our lives and we feel that your access to healthy, clear skin shouldn't be only dependent on your bank account or insurance policy. 

Patients will meet one-on-one with S+A owner and dual board certified nurse practitioner Blakelee Paige Smith to formulate a realistic and cost-effective treatment plan to tackle your acne for free of charge and without gimmicks.  She will go over your medical history and find a plan that will be both safe and effective, while also staying within your specific set budget for prescription medications by finding the most cost-effective options by partnering with local pharmacies. 

Patient Requirements:
  • Must be 13 years of age or older.
  • Must have a parent present if a minor. 
  • Must be either low income, in need, without insurance, or with high deductible insurance coverage for dermatology. 
  • Must be available on designated Saturday clinic day.
  • Must agree to be compliant in follow up. 

If you meet the above criteria and would like to be scheduled for our next available Saturday clinic, please fill out the following information and you will be contacted by our office for scheduling. 

Please include the following information:
1) Length of time struggling with acne
2) Severity of acne (0 being none, 10 being severe)
3) Location of acne
4) Have you previously been seen by a medical provider for acne? If yes, please provide details
5) Impact on daily and social life (0 being none, 10 being severe)
6) Do you have health insurance? If yes, do you have a high deductible for dermatology coverage?

Please note all questions must be filled out to be considered as a patient.*

Thanks for your interest in being a future model for S+A. We will be in touch to discuss potential future dates that you may be eligible for.
Talk soon!