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Last week I discussed what PRP is, how it is used, and some indications of it both in and outside of clinic. If you haven’t already, be sure to go check it out, as I explained a little about why I love it as a treatment option and had to have it on my “menu” […]

prf in cookeville tn natural antiaging

If you’ve been in the clinic for a consultation, we’ve likely discussed PRP, PRF, or both at some point. Both PRP and PRF have gained popularity in aesthetic dermatology and for good reason! These are both options that are considered a natural and minimally-invasive approach to skin rejuvenation. These treatments offer a non-surgical alternative for […]

In January of this year, I had a weird idea on my heart and mind and I wasn’t sure what to do with it. I woke up in the middle of the night, as happens more often than I would like to admit, and thought, “I think I want to start offering a free acne […]

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With all of the chaos of the holiday season, I’ve slacked on posting on the S+A Blog but am back in action for our next Skincare Spotlight! Today, let’s talk ZO Skin Health and why this is a brand that I wanted as a part of Skin + Aesthetics. When looking at the brand ZO […]

ZO Skin Health

For our third Skincare Spotlight, I want to talk about the world of Epicutis Skincare, where science meets beauty in a harmonious symphony of advanced formulations and cutting-edge technology. While at just a glance Epicutis might seem just as a luxurious brand with gorgeous product packaging (which they do also have), they’re actually so much […]

epicutis cookeville tennessee medspa skin health dermatology

Since Covid came into our lives, I’ve had more patients than ever asking me about how to deal with hair loss. This topic is tricky because there are many types and causes behind this, and determining both components is always the first step in tackling the issue at Skin + Aesthetics. However, with that being […]

prp, prf, growth factors, hair loss

For our second edition of Skincare Spotlight, I want to introduce you to Colorescience. While it is true that every single skincare line that is offered at Skin + Aesthetics is a line that I myself use on a daily basis, Colorescience is one that I not only use daily but one that I also […]

colorescience flex spf sunscreen

With a simple but highly effective 3-step approach to skin health, HydraFacial is tried and true to provide glowing results. Our skin is constantly changing and evolving with environmental exposure, lifestyle changes, hormonal fluctuation, and more. HydraFacial treatments [more…]

hydrafacial boosters

Introducing S+A’s new monthly blog– skincare spotlight! Each month, on top of our normal routine blogging where I discuss all things skin and aesthetics (see what I did there?), I’m also going to begin an additional blog where I will discuss each of S+A’s skincare lines and even individual products as we move forward, showing you why I […]

alastin skincare cookeville tn

If you’re a patient of mine or have spent any time around me when I’m discussing injectables, you already are fully aware of my obsession with Sculptra. What’s funny about my relationship with Sculptra is that I was initially introduced to it in around 2015 and just wasn’t sold on it at all. The realm […]

sculptra injectable

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